Why Your Sale Got Stuck

Do you want your salesforce to stop wasting their time on deals that never close? What if they improve their prospect qualification process so they can work only on high-probability prospects…

How to compete with the status quo

Your Number One competitor is not the other guy’s business. The company that snatches sales from your team is actually…  

Objections are a gift. Here’s why.

Objections are good and should be welcomed. This may seem radical, but objections are not a battle between the buyer and seller, they are the opening of a dialogue. 

See Steve’s Training in Action

Help your team improve their skills, stay motivated, and think differently about how to close sales more effectively. Steve’s digital or in-person team training sessions can be customized to a variety of topics that will help your team grow to the next level.

Rent Steve’s Brain

If you are an underperforming salesperson that is not satisfied with your recent results and you are looking for quick improvement, this is your opportunity to get some candid, practical, specific advice and direction from 30+ year sales veteran, Steve Weinberg, without committing to a costly long-term consulting or training engagement.



This reference guide helps you understand how to think about managing objections and gives you strategies to respond to common client concerns.

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