Do you want to be great at what you do?  Do you want to get more sales, have happier customers who love you and send you referrals, and create a dramatic spike in your income?  Steve Weinberg can help!

Are you a sales manager looking for the best strategies to motivate, enthuse and encourage your sales team to create far better results, exceed your targets and become more driven?

Get a whole hour of Steve’s candid, practical, specific advice and direction to help you get where you want to go quickly and with maximum efficiency.  Reduce your stress and errors. Take a quantum leap with Steve’s insights.  Get clarity, direction and real-life strategies you can use now!  Book your call with Steve and transform your sales experiences starting now. 

In your sixty-minute phone session with Steve, he will listen to your issues, ask questions to be sure he understands your challenges and your goals, and then offer precisely customized, insightful direction to help you rapidly overcome obstacles and transform your sales career immediately.

  1. Your call will be 100% private and confidential – just you and Steve –no one you have to impress. Just the raw facts…and your best solutions.
  2. Dramatically increase your chances of hitting – and exceeding – your annual sales target.
  3. Set up a call with Steve. You will get access to his 30+ years of selling and managing sales teams. He will give you his undivided attention and answer your pressing questions. After speaking with Steve, you will get tangible results faster and easier than you can on your own.
  4. The Guarantee:  Your satisfaction is guaranteed or your money back. Thirty beneficial minutes into your call, Steve will ask you if you’re getting more value than you’ve even paid for from talking with him. If you say yes, the call with continue. If you don’t think so, Steve will immediately refund your entire investment, no strings attached, and you’ll part as friends.  Guaranteed value.  High integrity.  Impeccable experience.

Here’s how it works when you “rent” my brain for an hour:

I respect that your hour with me is an investment in your future, so I take it seriously. When you sign up now, you will immediately get an email that invites you to choose an appointment time that works best for your schedule. (Check your spam filter if you don’t have it within 5 minutes). You are welcome to bring up to two other people on your team to the call. 

At least 2 business days before your appointment, email me anything you want me read, see, review or watch. I am interested in learning about your company and how I can help you. You can also include a list of questions you want answered during our call (see below). Our time together will be spent creating efficient, proven, effective strategies to help you and your sales team reach your goals.  Chances are we’ll even have fun doing it!

At the appointed time, just call in. If your request it, your call CAN be recorded so you can listen to the valuable advice you’ll get over and over again. Landline, Skype or Zoom – your option. (Instructions for requesting a recorded call will be in the first email you get).

I will carefully and patiently answer your questions, talk to you about your objectives and give you my best strategies to help you break through any obstacles that are keeping you from success.

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    Halfway through our call, I will ask you if you feel you are getting more than your money’s worth out of our interaction. If you say no, I will refund all your money instantly and the call will end right there. If you say “Yes!” and we will continue to come up with great plans, ideas and systems to help you achieve your ultimate desires for yourself, your company and your sales professionals.