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Why Your Sale Got Stuck

Do you want your salesforce to stop wasting their time on deals that never close? What if they improve their prospect qualification process so they can work only on high-probability prospects and close more business? Salespeople sometimes find themselves throwing good energy and time at deals that will never close.  This discourages them and stops them from focusing that energy on the more likely prospects. 

In this dynamic, eye-opening presentation, Steve Weinberg will teach your sales force how to quickly qualify a prospect…and keep them qualified from Day One until they sign the contract.  You can expect greater close rates, more realistic forecasts, and a dramatic improvement in team morale.

Here’s what Steve delivers:

  • Improve their qualification process instantly with these 5 tips
  • Identify prospects that are high probability
  • Discover who the real decision-maker is
  • Determine why some deals get stuck
  • Actions you should take to jump-start a stalled deal
  • Stop wasting time: When your team should let go of an opportunity

Steve will help your salespeople solve this pervasive problem. He will help them understand why stalls happen and what they can do about them.   As a result of letting go of deals that are not likely to close, your sales team will re-focus their sales activities on opportunities that have a greater likelihood of closing.  This will clean your sales pipeline and improve the accuracy of your forecasts.


Your Number One competitor is not the other guy’s business, that company that snatches sales from your team.  Your Number One competitor is the prospect’s decision to “do nothing” and stay with the status quo.  This choice is tougher to beat than your traditional competitor.  Your salespeople have not practiced competing against this rival, are often “blind-sided” by this decision, and are ill-prepared to handle this decision. 

Steve will shake-up your sales team with these important deliverables:

  • How to best review the qualification process to determine if the deal was ever really qualified
  • Gain access to the key decision- maker
  • Understand the importance of learning what caused the purchase project to be launched and how it was conducted
  • Define decision criteria in advance or the evaluation is random
  • Test the strength of your value proposition and business case
  • Compute and communicate the costs of doing nothing to the prospect
  • Actions that can be taken to change the decision

When a prospect decides to not make a purchase and remain with their current provider, your sales team has just wasted their efforts. Maybe the prospect had a quality or service issue, or perhaps they sought a better price.  But then they decided to not fix the problem after all. Fortunately, this is not a hopeless situation, but it is challenging.  Your salespeople need to better educate the buyer on the benefits that they will lose if they don’t accept your proposal.  Chances are, the prospect just doesn’t recognize all of the consequences of their poor decision.  That’s where your well-trained salesperson comes in.  In this exciting program, Steve will show any salesperson how to effectively pivot so that they can expertly change the status quo decision. 


Objections are good and should be welcomed. This may seem radical, but objections are not a battle between the buyer and seller, they are the opening of a dialogue. They provide your salespeople with precious information. Listening to them leads to valuable insights on what is holding the buyer back from purchasing your product or service…and how to get the sale.  Most salespeople have been taught to fight objections, often with canned responses, which annoys and insults the buyers.  When the buyer voices objections, your salespeople have the opportunity to properly respond.   

Steve will encourage your salespeople to actively seek, not hide, from objections.  They’ll learn how to discuss them openly with the buyers from a position of strength, without being manipulative, defensive, or fearful.  This new outlook will help them close more deals. Here’s what your audience will discover:

  • Understand the buyer’s motives and their purchase cycle
  • Welcoming objections is a learned behavior
  • Seeing what objections are and why are they good
  • How to encourage, honor, discuss and overcome the buyer’s objections
  • Ensure the prospect has understood your proposal
  • Develop a better technique to differentiate your offering

Steve will change the attitude of your salespeople to see objections as helpful information. He will stimulate a different outlook amongst your salespeople.  There will be objections in every sales opportunity; if not, then it is an indication of very little interest in your solution.  Your salespeople will now be better equipped to handle objections in the future.


Get Steve’s Help for 60 Minutes – and get a whole lot more clarity, direction and strategy.